Fanny Mendelssohn


Fanny Mendelssohn had a household to run and a husband and children to take care of, BUT still
she was a fantastic musician and composer! 

Growing up, she was given the rare opportunity to have musical composition lessons, which made her very lucky compared other girls in her day.

Fanny ended up very busy running a household as a wife and a mother, but she still found time to write and delight us with her genius. Happy belated mother's day to all of the mothers out there who gift us with their endless creative energies! Here is my gift to you: Click on the video below and treat yourself to a movement from a "Song Without Words" by Fanny Mendelssohn. 
Both Fanny and her brother Felix we prodigies and astoundingly good pianists from a very young age. As a child who gave concerts to the elite of society, Felix was compared to Mozart, but even so, he was humbled by Fanny's own gigantic talent and frequently sang his sister's praises.

Felix Mendelssohn is of course very famous nowadays for his many brilliant compositions, but unsurprisingly we don't have nearly as many from Fanny as she was told not to make her passion for music the focus of her life (there is a letter from her father documenting this!).